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About iDayNyt

iDayNyt is a one stop platform for majority of your daily needs. You can find help regarding taxation and finances through our partner taxation experts or you may hire a professional salon expert to visit your home and avail the services in the comfort of your home.We are here to help you and we have made sure that the whole process remains hassle free for you.

Trustworthy Professionals

At iDayNyt, you need not worry about the professionalism of the experts that you hire for your services. Each and every expert that we take on board is run through verification. We personally verify the identification details and other sensitive information, before giving them a go-ahead to hop on board. We also provide a preliminary training regarding how to deal with customers and work ethics. Our primary aim is to provide the best of the services and experience to our customers, so in case you find anything unsatisfactory and not up to the mark with our experts, feel free to contact customer support. In the past, we have suspended some experts from our panel, on report of unpleasant experience by our customers.

Professional Services:-

How to avail service

The process to avail services through iDayNyt is very hassle free. Simply, download the iDayNyt app from the Google Play Store / App Store or visit the website. You have to switch on the location services on your device or simply type your location; where you need the services. Search for the type of service that you need in the search bar. Once done, you may provide the requirements of your service. When you provide all the details, you would start receiving calls and interests from various professionals. You can review the profile of the professionals and hire the professional of your choice. If you do not get any response from any expert, you can contact customer support and we would do our best to help you.

Cancelation of Service

Just like availing the service, cancelling a service is also hassle free with us. Simply go to your service demand history in the app or webpage and raise a cancellation request. Please note that some services may levy a last minute cancellation charges.

Affirmation of Service Request

Once you raise a request for a service, you would receive an affirmation email and SMS on your registered email and phone number. Once your request is uploaded, you would begin to get calls from our professionals regarding your request.

Delivery of Service

Once you confirm the services with the expert, he/she is expected to reach your place within the given time slot. In case of delays, the expert is expected to inform you at least one hour prior to the booked time slot. In case you are unable to reach the expert, you may contact customer support.

Help Center – Walkin (User) Restaurant

iDayNyt partner restaurants offer the most convenient service in terms of dine-in as well as take-away of food. It is convenient to book a table at the preferred restaurant offering the cuisine of your choice. You can order food that can be delivered at your home or you can book a table at your favorite restaurant. iDayNyt offers you a hassle-free experience while ordering food online. You are not required to sign up as a member while ordering food online. You can order food online and check out as a guest user. How it works We have tried to keep the food ordering function as easy as possible: - You simply need to enter your preferred destination where you wish to get the food delivered - You can choose a restaurant from the list of restaurants provided to you. Options such as restaurant name, cuisine type and cuisine name help you choose according to your preference. - Provide your contact details, such as address, phone number and choose your payment method to check out with your order. - Please make sure that you enter the correct telephone number where we can contact you, if required

Delivery Cost

Delivery cost varies from restaurant to restaurant and they decide the cost according to their discretion, however some restaurants provide delivery free of cost

Promotional Benefits

From time to time several vouchers and coupons are made available either by us or by other portals that can get you discount on your food

Order Process

Once you finalize the order, the same is communicated to the restaurant and they begin to prepare you food immediately

Change in order

If you wish to make any changes in your order, you can communicate the same to us as soon as possible and we can communicate the same to the restaurant.

Personal Care Services – Salon, Spa and Gym

iDayNyt has several partner businesses who provide personal grooming services and we make it convenient for you to avail these services according to your preferred time.

You can choose the particular service type and the service provider according to your preferred area and you can pre-book the service hassle free. You can avail several promotional coupons and vouchers that are made available from time to time and this can get you your services at a much lesser cost.

Online Shopping:- Returning a Product

We at iDayNyt understand that in some cases, products purchased have to be returned by the customer due to various reasons. To support the function, we provide a 15 day, hassle free product return service to our customers. However, the return must be initiated within 15 days from the date of purchase of the article. Remember, once your date of purchase crosses the 15 days period, you cannot initiate the return on that purchase.

Products not covered under the Returns Policy

The iDayNyt policy indicates that there are certain products that cannot be covered under the returns policy because of their sensitive nature. The list of the following products is as given below: - Undergarments, intimate wear, swim suits, lingerie, socks etc. - Perfumes and fragrances - Cosmetics, toiletries and beauty products - Pieces of jewelry whether imitation or high value Apart from the above list, the other items that are to be returned should be in non-deplorable condition no harm should be caused to it. The product should be in the same physical state as it was while shipping to you. If there was any harm caused to the product during transit, it should be brought forward immediately after delivery, in that case, the liability is held by the courier service provider.

Product Return

We understand that at times the products sold through our portal would be required to returned or exchanged by you. To process returns of goods, we have developed a hassle free process that helps you sail through the returns process.

Non-Quality Related Return of Goods

One reason of return of goods is the non-quality related return of goods. The products can be returned because of many reasons, be it perception or misjudgment of the products while making the purchase. We oblige such returns while you are requested to follow the following instructions: - Go to the iDayNyt portal either on website or mobile app - Go to your account and go to your order history - Go to the detailed order page and track the particular order you wish to replace - There is a return option available against the mentioned item, you can click it to begin the process - Submit the details as required on the page and the return process would be initiated On the page that opens, all the detailed guidelines regarding how the product would be transferred back to us and how courier packaging should be done. Once the product is received in our warehouse, we would process your refund.

When does the refund reach you back?

While we initiate the refunding process immediately upon receiving the item back, the whole refund process generally takes 7 to 15 business days to reflect back into your account. There is generally no return shipping cost involved in the return orders.

In case of exchange of product

In certain cases, you might feel the need to replace the product with another item of the same or different category after placing order. In such a case, you may contact the “customer support” at iDayNyt and request for an exchange. In case, the product has already been shipped from our end, you may follow the following instructions below: - Enter the iDayNyt portal and login to your account - Trace the relevant order from your paid orders history - Visit the “details” page, trace the related item and click on the exchange button - Complete the submission by filling in all relevant details to complete the process

Safe and Secure Payments

Payment Protection in case of Failed Transaction: In some cases it is experienced, while shopping online on various portals the payment gets deducted from the customer’s account, whereas it does not reach the seller. In such a case, the first and foremost thing to do is to check the status of the amount with the bank. The refund time on failed transactions varies from bank to bank.

Payment Protection in case of Return of Product: When the product is returned by you, the refund is initiated within 2 working days. Payment Protection in other Refund Cases: In other cases where the amount has to be refunded back by us, we share the refund details with you once we initiate the refunding details. The details are shared to you over the email. You can check your email inbox as well as your bank accounts, where the refund would reflect from “Rexavior Communications Pvt. Ltd.” as the payee. If in case you cannot trace the refund in your bank, you can contact our customer support at any time.

Quality Related Return of product

In some cases, the products/items sent by us get damaged in transit which can be due to many reasons. In such a case, the customer is not held liable as the product is damaged before reaching the customer. In such cases, we normally process the return within 3 working days once the complaint is raised by the customer. Once the product is picked and received back by us, the refund of amount normally takes a total of 15 working days to reflect back into your account.

Bearing Return Shipping Cost

In cases where the return of the product is initiated due to damaged article received by the customer or any other reason, for which iDayNyt is held liable, the shipping amount would be refunded back to you (amount is capped). While initiating the return of the product, the shipping cost would be paid by you to the carrier and the same amount would be refunded back to you. In other cases, where the return is not initiated because of the faulty products and you wish to return the products because of your own will, you are required to pay the return shipping cost. In such as case, we recommend you to choose any carrier with good service network and competitive charges. We also suggest you to avoid availing services from carriers such as Fedex or DHL, because these services might attract extra cost